Dynamic Discounting

UX Research + Design | Aug 2016 - Jan 2017

Dynamic discounting is traditonally used by small businesses to receive a discount in exchange for early payment on an invoice.. By facilitating this interaction, Viewpost receives 30% of customer savings.

With over $45 billion in invoices on the Viewpost platform, the potential revenue opportunity by increasing user adoption is tremendous.

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I conducted interviews with internal stakeholders, SMEs, and users to understand how the discounting system works, collecting pain points and identifing areas for improvement along the way.


Learn how we might increase customer and vendor participation in dynamic discounting.

Research Insights

Initial Design + Pain Points

Design Exploration

Design Goals
Customer Settings

I explored multiple directions and questioned every aspect of the feature from the business's perspective, seeking feedback from users and internal  stakeholders as I iterated and developed higher fidelity flows of the experience.

Vendor Request

I explored multiple ways to make it easy for vendors to give offers, which was ultimately framed as requesting early payment. Early on, we decided to allow vendors to offer a discount when creating an invoice, which required a redesign of the invoice creation process.

Final Design

The final design reduces the number of steps and removes the need for customer opt-in to improve feature visibility and adoption. Businesses can optionally set up discount strategies to further maximize their savings.

1. Vendor Sends Invoice with Early Payment Offer
  • - Feature is no longer opt-in; Vendors now include offers when creating an invoice
  • - Discount behavior is clearly explained
  • - Default settings allow vendor to adjust discount, which wasn't allowed before
2. Customer Receives Offer on Invoice + Pays Early
  • - Offer is clearly presented on the new invoice detail screen
  • - Early payment is incentivized by highlighting the discount against the original amount
  • - Businesses are exposed to dynamic discounting, and then encouraged to customize their settings

Results + Further Considerations

Due to the scale of the project, we broke the design into multiple phases for development and release. The initial improvements to the vendor offer process and removal of customer opt-in alone have already shown results.

Further Considerations